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January 2024

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October 2023

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July 2023

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April 2023

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January 2023

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October 2022

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July 2022

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April 2022

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January 2022

Native American Artistry Featured in Invitational; Cincinnati and the Middle East; Women's Art on Loan; BIPOC Support Comes to the Southeast; Bronx Biennial Calls; Artistic Creators Form New Leadership Group; Indian Nation Illuminates the Night; Artistic Preference, 21st Century Style; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Expands Netherlandish Galleries; Passport to Public Art; Multi-million $$ Gift Enables Transformation; "It's About Cross-Pollination...."; Living Histories: Queer Views and Old Masters; Into the Future; Hold for the "You-Can't-Make-This Up" List

October 2021

Can Afgjamostan's Cultural Heritage be Saved?; Security Guards Become Curators; Grand Opening: New York Public Library; Another City, Another ICA; Ready for a New U.S. Naval Museum?; Florida Gets First-Ever Arts & Crafts Museum; Gifts; Spanish/English Guide, First in the Bronx; Troika of Directors at MoCA; New Mexico Museum of Art at Second Venue; Georgia Museum Receives Photo Collection

July 2021

Gardens, Traditions, Lessons; Lenape People Honored at Met; Blue Star Museums; Surreal Works in MI; Museums See the Sprouting of Unions; Pompidou in Jersey City?; In Support of Black Lives: Membership Sales;  "With Love from El Museo"; $5 Million Gift Expands Chinese Collection; Women's Museum Plans Renovation; PECHAKUCHA: Visual Storytelling; Monumental Gift Supports Long-term Stability; Site of Marilyn Sculpture Protested; Shaker Museum Moving

April 2021

How a Big City Deals with Covid-19, Artist-wise; The Economy and the Pandemic; A College Experiment; Discovery; Dancing and Color

January 2021

Looking Back, and Ahead: Into and Out of a Pandemic; This Week We Celebrate Gratitude; Here's to the Future; A Happy Reunion; Directors Describe A New Era; America's Cultural Treasures; Monumental Grant For Monument Re-Imaginings; AAM's MAP; Books; Notes on a Symposium

October 2020

 What Is a Museum?; What's Next? Musings About the Future; Behind the Scenes: How to Safely Install Exhibitions; Has Everyone Gone Bananas?; The Art Trade (Galleries, Fairs, Auction Houses); Museums Grapple with Ethics of China Projects; Announcement from a Director; Forgers and their Fakes through the Years.

July 2020
Change; Letters & Emails; Eggspressionist Art? A Show for Chickens; Losses & Recoveries; Did Lockdown @ Isolation Impact the Art of Vincent Van Gogh?; Through Your Window; Staying Inside: Art in a Time of Plague; Book; Virtual Museum Mile.

April 2020 

Why Private Museums Are Vanishing;

Coronavirus: Its impact on China’s art world is reflected all over the world;

Have You Ever Heard of These Men? Thomas McKeller, Akinsanya Kambon;

Alaska Challenges Climate Change.

January 2020

Art  World People Talk About MoMA's Makeover; What's New Inside?; You Can't Make This Up!

October 2019

Reflecting on Equality; About an Artist: Alfred Eisenstaedt; Sharing; Amsterdam Museum Drops Term "Golden Age"

July 2019

FBI Seeks to Return Thousands of Works: But to Whom?; For Summer Travelers: A Guide to Van Gogh's Arles; Books, Inspirations, and Artists; Notes About an Artist: Yinka Shonibare

April 2019

Burning Man; New Museums in New York; Forgery and Fakery; The Year of Rembrandt; Marketing: That Started with Tintoretto; Campus Treasures

January 2019

Coming Soon: Women's History Month; "...Teachers of a Free People"; Notes About an Artist: Bill Traylor; On Self-Taught and Artists; An Acquisition of Note

October 2018

Did You Know; The Contemporary Art Takeover; Too Good to be True; The Power of the Image; Money & Museums & Politics; From the Internet; Hilma Af Klint; Weiwei-isms.

July 2018

Georgia O'Keeffe at Center Stage; Getty Foundation Announces New Initiative; Gustav Klimt; Egon Schilel

April 2018

The Conservation Conundrum; The Master's Hand? The Return of #5WomanArtist; The Right Side of History? Museums in Today's America; Directors Have Their Say

January 2018

The World of Judy Chicago; Ai Weiwei and New York City; Can Spring Be Far Behind? Notes About an Artist: Rufino Tamayo; NEH Grants Millions for Humanities

October 2017

FAKES!; Fake Heritage for the Fake News Era; Museums for All; American Alliance of Museums, September Report; Ai Weiwei Weighs in on Refugee Crisis; Museums Join the Fray; Job Description; About Martin Ramirez; To See or Not to Sell

July 2017

Proposed Budget Poses Questions; Recent Posting by the NEA; The Arts and "Our Town"; Immediate Reseast: Santa Fe"; A Story About Richard Gerstl; Great Buildings: Inspiration or Burden?

April 2017

Speaking Up: Politics Invades the Art World; Open Letter; Another View of Iran; An Old Song: Don't Worry, Be Happy; American Alliance of Museums--AAM--Needs Help; Notes About an Artist: Charles Sheeler; Resurgence: Presenting "Old Mistresses"; How to Spot a Knackered Picture.

January 2017

Visit New England; Art Preservation Scheme; Wildensteins and Caravaggio; Notes about an Artist: Leonardo Cremonini; The Donald and The Arts; The Internationalization of Museums; Books.

October 2016

Museums for All; The Wall; Pamuk on Museums; Protection for International Art Loans; Notes about an Artist: Yinka Shonibare.

April 2016

Tefaf to Come to NYC; Exhibitions Describe Hard Times: Anti-Semitism on Display at the New-York Historical Society; Women Invade the Salon; Forced Sales During WWII; New Book Series Covers Women Artists.

October 2015

News from Brooklyn; Exhibitions Labels: Do they "Grab" your Audience?; Excellence on a Small Scale; Notes about a Collector Who Is He?; Code of Best Practices; Riot Grrrl.

April 2015

"Code of Best Practices" Published; National Gallery Enhanced by Corcoran Works; The Blind "See": Touching the Prado; Rothschild Collection Moves to Boston; Notes about Frida Kahlo; Copyright Law Begets Uncertainty--but not to artists; Art and Science Experts Come Together: African Works CAN be Authenticated.

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